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How to Play

How to win
- Collect the highest number of points by banking ski runs.
Game set-up

- Separate out the lift cards and shuffle the rest of the pack to create the draw pile.
- Each player is dealt 1 lift card and 4 cards from the draw pile face down.
- The remaining cards are placed in the centre of the table to create two separate piles, lifts cards in one and the draw pile face down in the other. 
- If the draw pile becomes exhausted you may r
estore the draw pile by recycling played action cards and run cards eliminated by avalanches, but make sure not to include avalanche cards.

On your turn
- Pick up 2 cards from either the draw pile or the lift card pile, or pick up 1 of each.
- Play up to 3 cards.
- If you run out of cards in your hand pick up 1 lift card and 4 cards from the draw pile on your next turn.

Playing your cards 
- On your turn cards are played face up in front of you going horizontally from left to right.
- You must always begin a ski run with a lift card. Run cards can thereafter be played to the right.
- You may start a ski run with any colour of run.
- You may only go on one ski run at a time.

Bonus points

- You gain an extra 4 bonus points when you link 5 or more run cards together in a ski run. This does not include lift cards.

Run Cards: Green/Blue/Red/Black
- Run cards are linked together to score points.
- A run card may link to another run card of the same or neighbouring colour.
- For example: A blue run card can link to a green, blue or red run card but is unable to link to a black run card.

Banking your ski runs

- Banking will count as your whole turn.
- To bank a ski run safely stack all the cards in the ski run in the correct order and place to the side.
- Make sure not to mix your banked ski runs together.
- Once a ski run is banked it is safe, even from an avalanche.
- Only points from banked ski runs are totalled at the end.
- You may bank as many ski runs as you like.

The end of the game
- The game ends as soon as the 5th avalanche card hits the table.
- Each player then totals all points from their banked ski runs, remembering to include bonus points.
- Going clockwise, each payer will announce their total score. The player who played the final avalanche card will announce first.
- The player with the highest score wins the game.

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